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    Acid Alkaline Imbalances

    by: Dave Cowan

    In the march forward to understanding a complete Natural Medicine, we see the emergence of an understanding of how certain basic parameters are implicated in the development of disease. One of these �basics� described in earlier articles was the role of Enzyme depletion through a primarily cooked food diet contributing to the litany of degenerative diseases plaguing modern humanity. This depletion begins at an early age and must be addressed in any comprehensive re-generation program. Another of these basic areas is the acid � alkaline balance in body chemistry. We are learning that imbalances in this area creates an internal environment conducive to degenerative disease. Acid / alkaline imbalance could be considered the primary characteristic of the biological terrain with the greatest implications for health and well-being.

    There are many ideal PH levels in the body�the QXCI value represents an electrical average of all the PH�s�but there are specific ideals for saliva PH, colon, stomach, urine, tissues and blood. These values can shift throughout the day in response to both external influences (physical stress, work, temperature) and internal effects (diet, emotional stress). According the �The Ph Miracle� (Robert Young, 2002), it is the blood Ph which is the most critical. This is partly because shifts in Blood Ph, which ideal level is 7.365, can precipitate changes in the microorganisms in the blood. In our former articles on Pleomorphism, we discussed how we all carry the seed stage of an organism with the potential to �morph� into a deadly virulent form, the Cancer Virus, discovered by Rife in the 1930�s to not only be present in every sample of 100�s of cancer tissues, but could also induce tumor growth when injected into healthy mice. The shift of the blood to an acid state is the prime instigator of these changes. Not only the Cancer virus, but other pathogens are encouraged by an acid state in the blood. As these �bugs� are primarily anaerobic, or not in need of oxygen (oxygen is toxic to them) and acid blood is less conducive to oxygenation, we see the conditions are ripe for blood � carried pathogenic diseases. This is why according to the Chinese, Cancer is a disease of �blood stagnation�. It starts in the blood, and is often the result of years of the body attempting to balance the PH in the face of the onslaught of an acidic diet and acidic metabolic wastes.

    When the blood is acidic, the body, in its wisdom, pulls alkaline minerals out of our tissues in an attempt to achieve balance. These minerals, including sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium are not only macro-nutrients required in large amounts in the body, but are also our primary electrolytes. It is easier now to see why people with high SOC�s, who are more likely to have an acidic diet rich in sugars and animal proteins which precipitate a loss of electrolytes, are more vulnerable to �alarm responses� due to electrolyte depletion? This depletion is also no doubt associated with the epidemic of osteoporosis; a condition not found in more alkaline-based cultures.

    One of the way the body attempts to balance the blood against acidic tissue is to swing the blood to a high alkaline state. This creates its own problems, however, as too-alkaline blood contributes to sticky blood: the �rouleau� often seen in live blood testing.

    The body attempts to throw off acid wastes in a number of ways, producing conditions such as eczema, acne, boils, headaches, muscle cramps, soreness, swelling, irritation, and chronic inflammation. The pathogens encouraged by an acidic state further produce acidic wastes, or toxins, that further pollute the body and produce unpleasant symptoms. These pathogens live on the same glucose, fats, and proteins intended for you. A good line to tell your sugar-addict clients is �that�s not your craving; it�s the fungus in your body creating the craving�. Most diseases, as we�ve seen with cancer, follow microform overgrowth. Thinks of these organisms as Nature�s clean-up crew getting reading to do what they do well�recycle living matter back into the earth!�. The problem is someone called them in to work too soon, primarily by allowing the PH to slip dangerously toward the acidic. So when we work to Zap Pathogens, we need to ask �what are the conditions that allowed the pathogens to get out of hand?� And in most cases, you will be dealing with a PH imbalance, most likely caused by diet.

    Excess weight can be viewed as the body�s attempt to create more �parking space� for excess acid wastes. As well, when our nutrition is compromised by feeding so many unwanted passengers, we tend to overeat because we are starved for specific nutrients. Further, the chaos in a disordered body exhausts the adrenals and stresses the thyroid, leading to loss of energy and further weight gain.

    Mycotoxins (from fungus) and exotoxins (from bacteria) can create what appears to be symptoms of allergies. They do this by overtaxing and stimulating the immune system which becomes less capable of handling every-day food and environmental stressors and over-reactive to items usually well-tolerated.

    The sugars intended to provide energy for you are diverted to feed �bugs�, which in turn produce their own toxic wastes. This is why fatigue is the most �global� of symptoms associated with over acidity.

    The body has an �alkaline reserve� built up over the course of a natural diet which is intended to provide balance for those rare episodes of pathogenic disease. �Acidosis� occurs when the body�s alkaline reserve is depleted. Causes can include kidney, liver and adrenal disorders, improper diet, malnutrition, obesity, ketosis, anger, stress, fear, anorexia, fever and the high intake of Niacin (B3) , some Vit C�s or aspirin.

    Ideally, one should limit acid-forming foods and in increase alkaline-forming foods. Unfortunately, much of the modern, processed diet is of the former type, especially sugars, refined carbs which become sugars upon chewing, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, meat, milk, eggs, pasta, tea and soft drinks. Alkaline forming foods include most fresh fruits and veggies, avocados, dates, honey, maple syrup and molasses, and paradoxically, citrus. A good way to begin to swing your Ph to alkaline is to start each day with a glass of fresh made lemonade. A good way to monitor these changes is to use a simple PH paper strip test of your morning urine.

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