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    Wild Yams vs. Progesterone (the drug)

    Symptoms Of Hormonal Imbalance That Have Been Reported To Respond To Progesterone And Wild Yam:

    • Resolve may effectively treat PMS, endometriosis and fibrocystic breasts.
    • May prevent or reverse osteoporosis.
    • Resolve has a proven track record, having changed the lives of thousands of women.
    • Resolve is the leading natural wild yam cream sold in the United States!
    • Resolve is your natural choice - the key to hormonal balance. A quality cream base is vital for effective absorption. 'USP' or 'Natural' progesterone is a drug synthesized from diosgenin.
    • Wild yam provides the hormonal chemistry your body needs.
    • Resolve is carefully made from only the highest quality ingredients.

    How does it work?

    Wild Yam (Dioscorea Velosa) has become widely used as a natural hormonal supplement. It's value lies in the close resemblance of the phyto-hormones to hormones found in human physiology. Not to mention the value in the ability of the human body to synthesize its essential hormonal chemistry from the building blocks provided by wild yam supplements. In order to be maximally effective there are a number of factors to consider. These factors are as follows: the extraction process of the components from the plant, the processing of those components, and the effectiveness of the transport medium to the cells and further into the blood stream.

    Wild yam is the most common source for diosgenin and its related plant saponins. In order to make a product based on diosgenin, the phyto-hormonal chemistry must be extracted from the plant source. The extraction process is crucial to the integrity of the extract. There are several common processes used to produce the plant extract, most, of which use too much heat or involve chemicals, which reduce the active components of the plant sterols. The most common extraction processes are cold press, hot press, steam distillation, glycerin, and ethanol. Most of these are very rapid processes and the quality of the extract is often questionable. Because wild yam extract is not a pharmaceutical product, there are no guidelines nor standards upon which to base an objective analysis. A particular product may claim to have a 12% wild yam content, but in fact be totally devoid of the useful chemistry that it is meant to provide.

    It is important to note that diosgenin alone is not the only component extracted from the yam. The purpose of wild yam supplementation is to provide the body with the complex building blocks it requires to manufacturing its own hormonal chemistry. One should not consider a wild yam cream to be just a progesterone supplement. While products exist that are just that, they are inferior! Products that supply nutrients that are precursor to progesterone production are what the body needs to regain and maintain hormonal balance. The endocrine system is a marvelous and miraculously complex system. It invokes multiple sources of stimulation and many levels of feedback. Many different organs and tissues in the body make hormonal requests. Many factors are integrated together to produce necessary hormones. The body maintains a delicate balance for good health. The preservation of normal healthy cycles of the body is the result of this hormonal activity.

    When properly functioning, the endocrine system utilizes a myriad of different protein complexes in the form of enzymes, co-factors, hormones, and hormonal building blocks. Each of these is essential in the steps producing the correct homeostatic balance. If any one factor is missing, the body may fail to incorporate a path of hormonal stimulation, feedback, and control. It is for these reasons that one should avoid using wild yam products, which have been reduced to only diosgenin. The other plant sterols, enzymes and protein factors may be just as critical, or even more so for a given individual.

    The same is true for products based with USP progesterone. USP or "natural" progesterone is synthesized diosgenin. This extra step produces a product which has none of the other essential plant sterols and sapogenins. To make matters worse, "natural" progesterone products are actually drugs. Giving women progesterone will in many cases relieve symptoms associated with progesterone deficiencies, but at the same time available progesterone in the blood stream is a signal to the hypothalamus to stop producing Gonadotropin releasing Hormone (GnRH). This hormone stimulates the pituitary gland into producing Lutenizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), which in turn stimulate the production of pregnenalone, leading to DHEA, estrogen, and progesterone. By supplementing a woman directly with progesterone, or any other hormone in this chain, the delicate balance of stimulation and feedback is disturbed. While the symptoms of progesterone deficiency may be alleviated, there will be side effects resulting from the disturbance of the entire reproductive hormone system.

    The final factor relating to the effectiveness of a wild yam product is the method and implementation of the transport mechanism. In the simplest approach, one simply eats wild yam. The digestive system reduces this to basic components to be delivered through the blood stream. This is not effective unless one's entire diet is based on the wild yam. The problem with ingestion is that the digestive tract reduces much of the active components beyond what is usable by the body. Only a small fraction is absorbed into the blood stream and delivered to the cells in a form useful to the endocrine system. The only other common approach is in the form of a skin cream. The transdermal transport mechanism is far superior because it does not chemically alter the components of the wild yam through the absorption process. Even with this, however, not all skin creams are effective.

    First, an effective cream is one into which the wild yam can be incorporated without undue processing. Over processing reduces the number of active components. Secondly, it is essential that the skin cream be one that readily absorbs, and that it effectively carries the phyto-chemistry through the dermal layer and delivers it to the blood stream for transport to the target cell. A good cream will also provide its own mechanism for transportation through cell membranes thus helping to place all of the phyto-chemistry into the active regions of the body.

    With the foregoing as a basic understanding, we can now look specifically at our product, Resolve. Resolve is made from the highest quality extract available in the United States. The plant is grown in an organically certified herbal plantation. The extraction process takes six weeks and is done most carefully and under constant observation to insure that, the integrity of the extract is preserved. For this process, a premium cost is paid, but it is the only known extraction process, which does not compromise to any degree the value of the wild yam extract.

    The skin cream base used for Resolve is Lite Replenishing Cream. Pharmacist and biochemist, Homer Woolf, developed it many years ago. He developed Replenishing Cream with the encouragement and help of local dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. They were in need of a good skin healing cream, which Homer was able to provide. This cream has been available commercially for twelve years, during which time it has achieved great success in reducing the healing time for skin. The cream was developed especially to promote rapid cell division. This cream is absorbed rapidly, providing cell hydration and carrying nutrients to, and transporting through cellular membranes. This cream was a natural selection for the base of this wild yam product, and has been key to Resolve's success as the most effective wild yam cream available.

    At the time Resolve was formulated it was one of only three such products available in the United States. It is in fact largely due to the success of Resolve that the current wide spread interest and awareness of the benefits of the wild yam have sprung. Resolve remains by far the most successful product available, as evidenced by the extremely high success ratio of women on this product.

    In the last few years, there has literally been an explosion of interest in wild yam products. This has of course been accompanied by an incredible proliferation of wild yam products. It is very difficult to make meaningful comparisons between products based on lists of ingredients and percentages of active elements. The quality of the wild yam extract is not disclosed for specific products, nor is it clear the quality of the skin cream base. It is possible to make a clear distinction and comparison with any product labels as "Natural" or "USP" progesterone. These products based on wild yam extract where the diosgenin from the wild yam has been synthetically altered to duplicate the progesterone molecule. By their very nature, such products are inferior for the reasons described at the beginning of this discussion.

    The only significant measure of a wild yam creams efficacy is in how it affects the lives of the women who use it. In this respect, Resolve is clearly the leader. Unsolicited letters from women, whose entire lives have been changed by Resolve, are continually received. We firmly believe that Resolve is the most carefully constructed, most effective, and most beneficial wild yam product available.

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